MMA during Miami Basel Week - New works by Jeff Robb and Kim Hyunsik / by Dan Mauger

From the 1st to the 8th of December we will be exhibiting at Scope Art Fair, in its new venue - situated on South Beach itself. We will be showing three lightboxed Lenticular photographs by Jeff Robb from his new 'Diluvian' series, along with the very first of his series of mirrored sculptures that compliment the large-scale installation solo at the London Newcastle project space in Shoreditch in June earlier this year. Click here to see the official video of the show.

Diluvian 1, Lenticular Photograph, Lightbox, 100 x 100cm

New Sculpture by Jeff Robb (Artist render)

Kim Hyunsik - In-between Spaces Pink - Resin, Paint, Aluminium. 32 x 71 in / 80 x 180 cm