Jose Romussi / by Dan Mauger

Chilean artist Jose Romussi takes vintage black & white photographs of ballerinas and stitches lines of colourful thread into the picture. Echoing a nostaglic view of the past as a place where time was more plentiful, Romussi takes on the slow and methodical art of embroidery in this series. The strong colours and fine linear threads add new energies, emphasizing the lines and movements of a bygone age.

'My work is a constant search to be able to express and represent my ideas. I know there is more that what is tangible and visible and I do not think everything has been done. Therefore, I am constantly exploring and discovering new techniques and materials. I want to give a new perspective to things that already exist and give a moment in time in the present to whatever has already been forgotten. I am interested on stitching the past and the present: all surfaces are penetrable.'                                  

Jose Romussi 2012

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