'Affinity 1' by Jeff Robb / by Dan Mauger

Affinity 1 is the first in a new series of three dimensional sculptural works by artist Jeff Robb. The human body, now life size, replicates poses and forms from Robb's previous series Aerial and his 2011 bronze sculpture Suspension. The sculpture is full of contradictions, appearing to float yet have great solidity, at once metallic yet possessing an ethereal lightness; a lightness of being.

'The way the series is perceived is absolutely dependent on where the sculpture is placed and from which angles it is viewed. In this way there are infinite possibilities for how the work can be seen".

Indeed, the work can appear both transparent and opaque at the same time depending on the view point; very similar in nature to the view point dependant three dimensional images Robb is already well known for.