New limited edition prints by Joe Webb / by Dan Mauger

joe webb - kissing magritte.jpg

Three new prints by Joe Webb who has a show at the Saatchi gallery this month.

Kissing Magritte II

Type: 14 Colour Screenprint on Somerset Tub-Sized 410gsm
Dimensions: 46 x 55cm
Edition: 125

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Giant Leap

Type: 12 Colour Screenprint on Somerset Tub Sized 410gsm Paper
Dimensions: 76.5 x 77.5cm
Edition: 60

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joe webb - giant leap.jpg

Small Steps

Type: Screenprint - Metallic Ink on Colourlux Paper
Dimensions: 90 x 72cm
Edition: 75

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joe webb - small steps.jpg

About the Artist

Joe Webb (1976) uses vintage magazines and printed ephemera that he has collected to create simple but elegant hand-made collages.

After many years of working on computers as a graphic artist, Joe turned his back on technology and started making ‘analogue’ collages. Since then Joe has published many popular silkscreen prints, sold his work in the Saatchi Gallery and sold work to celebrities and had his work featured on album covers. Webb's work is also an internet sensation with hundreds of thousands of people sharing his images online.